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Matters related to property are complex to deal with. It is not easy for a normal person with limited knowledge of sale purchase laws to draft a sale deed. One is able to buy a property from years of hard earned money. It is best to hire a legal agency which is unbiased and has vast knowledge about property laws.

A sale deed is a very important lagal document as it contains all the details of the property. It also establishes the name and details of buyer and seller, proof of ownership and important terms and conditions agreed by both the parties. According to Indian Registration Act it is compulsory to register sale deed for the concerned property. Au unregistered property is always a  risk and the complainant can not take valid legal action in case of any default by either of the party.

At Sanjeev Singh and Company besides providing specialised sevices for court marriage in ghaziabad and marriage registration. We provide professional services for sale purchase of property. We provide our clients proper guidance and assure timely registration of sale deed.

Documents required for sale deed.

  • Two passport size photographs of buyer and seller
  • Two passport size photographs of two witnesses
  • Photocopy of original sale deed
  • Copy of Pan Card/ Adhar Card
Any other document or formalities required are informed to both the parties well in advance before the final registration.

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