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Marriage is a deep bond between two individuals. Traditionaly in all religions marriages take place according to certain traditions and culture. A marriage is considered to be formally complete when all these customs and traditions are followed. But such marriage needs to be registered in marriage registrar's offfice to be considered legal in the eyes of law. 

Now a days it has become become mandatory for newly weds to register their marriage. This has been made compulsory by all state governments. A marriage which has not been registered can also be registered later with proper documents sumbitted at marriage registrar's office. You can avail marriage certificate through us if your marriage is still not registered.

Marriage registration is required when a person is going aborad and needs to apply for visa. In court cases such as divorce, separation and deciding upon maintenance and child custody too marriage certificate could be of big help especially for women.

Sanjeev Singh and Company has specialised services for marriage registration and can get your marrige registered in a very short time. All one needs is to come with necessary documents to us and we will do the rest.

Contact us for Marriage Registration in Ghaziabad, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi NCR. We provide service for court marriage in ghaziabad. We provide quick and easy marriage registration service.